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How to convert Webp to Jpeg online?

1. Open converter.

Open webp2jpeg image converter.

2. Upload image.

Upload image from a URL or computer.

3. Hit the Convert button.

Hit the "Convert" button to convert a Webp to Jpeg.

What is a Jpeg File?

Jpeg is a popular image format that stands for "Joint Photographic Experts Group." It is one of the most common formats used for digital photography.


Jpeg images use a lossy form of compression, which is best for photographs and paintings. However, for textual and iconic graphics, Png is preferred above Jpeg. Because jpeg compression in these files can make noticeable pixel effects.


You can also use Jpeg for compressing bitmap images without degradation in quality. If you convert a bitmap to Jpeg, it can be ten times less then the original bitmap size.

What is Webp File?

Webp is a popular image format developed by Google in the year 2010. The webp is a superior lossless and lossy image compression format.


Webp gives you higher quality when compared to similar jpeg or png files. It's helpful for developers and webmasters to use Webp compressed images to load the site faster.


When compared with PNGs, the Webp lossless is 26% smaller in size. While the Webp lossy is 25 to 30 % smaller than a similar jpeg image file.

How to Convert WEBP to Jpeg Online?

webp to Jpeg

So here, we are showing you how to use Webp to Jpeg tool to convert a Webp image to Jpeg format. After turning it to Jpeg, you can also download it on your computer. Follow the steps below to convert a file.

1- Visit webp2jpeg converter

Firstly open the Webp to Jpeg converter tool.

2- Upload Webp File.

Now upload the Webp files from Computer or Url.

3- Click the Convert Button.

Hit the convert button to start your Webp file conversion.

4- Check Converted Image.

Once completed, check out the converted Jpeg image on your browser.

5- Download Jpeg images.

To download the Jpeg file, click on the download button.

I hope you like the fast, secure, and reliable tool to convert Webp to Jpeg online.